Rapidly collect proofs of Vaccinations on Google Sheets using ClickSend + Zapier (for FREE)

1) Setup

a. ClickSend setup

  1. Create Account. Clicksend allows you to use the number with some balance for a limited amount of time. If you need more then you purchase credits
  2. Create a new MMS number by Click on Numbers >> MMS (https://dashboard.clicksend.com/numbers/mms)

b. Zapier setup

  1. Create an Account in Zapier. Zapier lets you run a Zap 1000 times as part of its free tier.
  2. Create a Zap

c. Google Sheet Setup

  1. Create a new Google Sheet of a name of your choice. Free by default.
  2. Create 3 column “From”, “Message”, “Date”

2) Link

a. In Zapier → Setup ClickSend

Follow the images

b. In Zapier → Link Click Send to Google Sheets

Follow the images
Make sure to MAP Clicksend’s fields to Google Sheet’s columns as follows:

  • Clicksend’s “From” → GSheet’s “From”that we created earlier
  • Clicksend’s “Body” → GSheet’s “Message”
  • Clicksend’s “TimeStamp” → GSheet’s Col. “Date”

3) Receive Proofs of Vaccine in Google Sheets

Try sending a message from your phone to the ClickSend number that was purchased in Step 1a. The Google Sheet you setup in 1c. should receive the message like below. Clicksend generates a link to Amazon S3 file for all incoming MMS images.

Lastly, you may convert the Date (originally in UNIX Timestamp format) to a more human readable format. I used the following formula to convert to EST timezone.